We Don’t Like Your work may not be like Picasso

They will think they have made a mistake and then give up immediately.

Put a little high expectations in this life..
Think all things are not easy .

Put some high expectations to all things in life.

When later you encounter really difficult things in this life – you will not be surprised and God willing you can still continue with those things.

This is why 95% of people give up too soon Maybe on the one hand

But we still haven’t looked from another angle.

Maybe we can attack from that angle.

‘ Give up ‘ in this context does not mean to stop immediately.

But looking at it from another angle, trying Whatsapp Mobile Number List something new and looking at a new approach is likely to be more effective.

You’re giving up on the tactic, but not the end goal.

But back to the principle above; there may be things we need to leave behind, and there may be things we need to continue.

How to find out?

I have formulated it in the form of a matrix below:

if we have to give up lose

In every matter each has its own level of difficulty and its own level of importance

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Most things fall under one quadrant of the four categories.

Important and simple
Important and difficult
Inconsequential and simple
Unimportant and difficult
If something is important, please do it .

Whatever it is, do it.

Even if you can’t (for now), sit down for a moment Phone Lead to think of other ways to break down that barrier.

If something is not important – why the hell are you still doing it? No need to waste time on these things.

If anything easy

Chances are everyone has done the same thing. So why are you wasting time on it (if it doesn’t matter).

But if it’s simple (but important) – please do it immediately.

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