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Types of thank reinforce our answer that it is not worth buying followers we have brought some disadvantages that this brings to your strategy. Understand! The brand loses reach of the target audience As we discuss in a social network strategy it is necessary to have excellent planning to achieve the expect result whatever your objective. Regardless of the purpose of investing in buying followers can cause your account to lose reach of your audience. Without reach you will hardly get views with your videos and generate new followers. It’s no use having more than followers if what you produce is not see by the audience do you agree.

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The effort is in vain since all the material prepare does not have the adherence of its users. It should be consider that in any network what matters is not necessarily the number of followers but the number of South Africa Email List followers engage with your account. Thus you can be sure that the material prepare for this platform in fact reaches your audience conveying the desire message. The results are affect A social media strategy is only well exact if it has an effective metrics analysis. This impacts content planning as you have the opportunity to invest in topics that have yield results and abandon actions that do not have as much effect on your audience.

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When there is no engagement on your profile it is difficult to identify the reasons that lead to this point since with the purchase of followers profiles that are unrelate to your brand become part of the Phone Lead delivery. The conclusion of these analyses therefore is implied. Is it the content that does not meet what your persona expects or is it just a reflection of profiles that are not relate to the product being present in my base? This question will hardly have a concrete and grounds answer.

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