This is not because people are snobbish

To be honest, people should be more realistic. Who doesn’t want to get a higher salary offer when looking for a job? If there are two companies for you to choose, one offers a salary of RM3,500 and the other only RM2,500, which one would you choose? I believe most people would have the same choice.  but because everyone has to make a living. If there is a better choice, who wouldn’t want it?

Unclear employment contract information

When you enter a company, you will sign an employment contract. Don’t just sign it without reading it. You should read the terms carefully to see if they are the same as Estonia Phone Number List what you agreed with the company before you started working. You should also pay special attention to the salary. After all, some companies may say that they will pay you so much when they talk to you, but you may find that it is not the case after you sign the contract and enter the company.

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The interviewer’s attitude is different from what you expected

When we are interviewing, in fact, the interviewer not only Belgium Phone Number List evaluates our performance, but also the interviewer’s attitude, which may also become one of our considerations. If your interviewer is late for the interview, has a casual attitude during the interview, or even looks unprofessional, would you dare to choose this company? The  interviewer can be said to be the face of the company to recruit new blood. If even the interviewer has this attitude, what can you expect from other people in the company.

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