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Parents who are preparing to welcome a new life, please look here. Here is a little knowledge to share with you.

Generally, pregnant women who go to government.  Hospitals or clinics for prenatal check-ups will receive a red booklet from the hospital, which is mainly used to record the condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

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This booklet should have noticed that there is a small Argentina Phone Number List  label on the upper right corner of the booklet. The labels used by the hospital are in four colors: white, green. Yellow and red, and the non-color labels indicate the different risk levels of pregnant women.

What are the meanings behind these different colored labels? Let me give you some basic information!

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This means that the pregnant woman is in good health and can go for regular checkups or give birth at any hospital or regional clinic. If she wants to have regular checkups, she can directly “Follow-Up” through the nurse.
Green label: Risk index is medium to low.

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