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Correct and complete. The receiver will be  able to comprehend it fully without having to come back to you asking for clarification. This will save both of you time and energy. As long as you follow the cs of communication or even just cs in your msage. The likelihood of your msage being misinterpret becom ls. Whether your audience is a young child or an elderly.

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You will set the tone that will keep them Poland Mobile Number List intert for the conversation to flow smoothly. The cs will help you improve your communication skills. So. We ne to apply the cs of communication in our conversations and texts. Even in our personal liv. Following are some of the ways that the cs of communication can help an individual: when your msage is clear.

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Which will further boost your confidence. So. If Australia Phone Number List you are someone who is shy or an introvert or is afraid of public speaking. Apply the cs of communication and keep talking to yourself in front of the mirror or use your close friends to practice speaking more. Gradually. You will gain the strength and confidence to be more vocal about your thoughts and views. 

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