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that helps reduce ad waste and get higher ROI. That was about the benefits of AI in improving ad revenue; Now let’s talk about how Snigel uses AI technology to help organizations and individuals make money from ads. What Is Snigel? a software solution that provides best-in-class AI ad optimization technology, dedicated account management, and fully customized ad strategies.

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Growing rapidly and changing the advertising landscape.  Due to its ability o become intelligent over time. Organizations can use AI in a number of ways to generate advertising revenue.  Personalization: Personalization in ads refers to.  The use of consumer information special data  to improve the ad’s relevance to the audience. These insights can be demographic information, purchase intentions, interests, behavior patterns, and more. • ML – By leveraging ML.  You can find patterns in customer messages and behavior. ML considers all information about an individual, such as online behavior, search history, and demographics, to make decisions about which niche to display website visits. • Decision making – AI can also make advertising decisions

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ensuring there is no extra money for ad copy that  Phone Lead doesn’t convert. This can be done using so that the AI can make predictions based on the data. • Marketing – Interactive marketing tools, such as conversational marketing, tailor advertising campaigns based on customer interactions. • Predictions – AI uses an analytical approach in ads. You can accurately make predictions about future trends. Target the right audience with the right personalized message.  

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