The value ladder or what we usually forget

I wake up before the alarm even goes off. You have to see this new update of YOs (get it? IOS with Y? … em, okay) it’s the milk. I look at my phone several times and decide to get up and leave a little early . To wait here, better on the train. Breakfast consists of coffee and some cookies, the only digestive. The value thing about them is their name . Everything in silence, only with me, because my two girls are sleeping, one in each room. I look at myself in the mirror. My mother! Well, at least I now have a solution to relieve the weight of the backpack: put some of the things in my eye bags (the Mac for example). I’m getting old.

Between that and the crooked

Tooth, it’s no wonder I’m having a hard time uploading stories to my Instagram lately . I’m uploading one right now, because these things don’t stop me. To make matters executive email list worse, it rains and I remain as silent as I can. Just with me , thinking about the trip that awaits me. Therefore, about how much fun I’m going to have with the client I’m going to visit and about the obsession that crushes me with them: getting their clients to advance through the funnel … Therefore, Good morning! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me, you see, here, on the train telling you in real time a reflection I’m having about funnels and things like that . Happy, as you know, with my life as a “Knowmada entrepreneur”. Should I tell you more about it? I think so. Well, let’s get to work, I’ve already stolen enough from you with the intro.

The value Do you know what

Therefore, I want us to discuss today? Well, there is a lot of talk about sales funnels, conversion funnels, funnels and all that lately. But do you know one thing? In many cases I have been asked about funnels that don’t quite work and I have always encountered the same problem : you think Phone Lead about technology and move towards the sale. The typical thing: a lead magnet to attract subscribers, an email. Therefore, the next day to provide a little value, a couple of emails to raise awareness and zasca, to sell . Easy peasy! Yes, in some cases we even analyze our client’s purchasing process (sometimes even ideal) and think about the phases : what if the documentation phase, what if the options search phase, what if the decision phase … Ok, we design a funnel that meets your needs in the documentation phase and then “help” you move quickly to the sale .

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