The truth about the workplace: blindly tolerating will only make you devalue yourself! 4 reasons to tell you why you should have a temper in the workplace!

I endured being forced to eat “dead cat” at work; I endured being badmouthed by colleagues in secret; I endured having endless work thrown at you… I really couldn’t endure it anymore! Blindly tolerating will not lead to a wonderful feat of tolerance and peace, but will make people take advantage of you and suppress you to death. So, do you think that you will be popular if you have a good temper? Don’t be silly. The better-tempered people are, the more they have to look down!

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1. It is human nature to bully the good and fear the evil.

In order not to hurt the harmony of others, you always endure and bear things, thinking that it will be fine in the past. Yes, it is true that it will be fine in the past, but bad things will come one after another. People think that you are easy to bully because Denmark Phone Number List you have a good temper, so they don’t have to be polite to you. On the contrary, if you show your temper, then people will be afraid of you and dare not bully you openly, for fear that you will fight back and make everyone unhappy.

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2. If you endure for too long, you will no longer be yourself

When someone throws you unfinished work, you will be unhappy and complain at first, but you dare not say anything, thinking that you can Malaysia Phone Number List tolerate it this time. But when it comes the second and third time, you still tolerate it. Over time, not on. Ily will others take it for granted, but you will also get used to it, thinking th. Iat you should help others finish their unfinished work. When you have this idea, you are no longer yourself.

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