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Communication and public you really want to draw attention to a passage consider using bold instead of changing the font size or adopting capital letters. VIDEO Is email dead? Inform what are the next steps Every piece of communication has a purpose. And email is no different. Therefore in this finalization it is important to go back to exactly what you want the reader to do. Wait until you have an answer on a certain matter? Click on a link? Call a number? Respond to a question via email? Analyze an attach document.

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Whatever the option it is important to make clear the direction that this exchange of messages will take. If the continuation of the conversation depends on him make it clear I await your position so Sweden Email List that we can discuss this situation next week okay?. If you still don’t have an answer on a certain subject set a date for the resumption “I’ll contact the finance department now and give you an answer today”. That way you avoid inaccuracies or misunderstandings. Choose a suitable farewell Choosing a proper send-off is one of the hardest parts of email closing.

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This is because the interlocutor’s reaction depends on an adequate ending which does not create strangeness which maintains the consistency of the entire message and which makes clear what the next steps are. Thus Phone Lead the best farewell is a respectful one without exaggeration or extremes maintaining the tone of voice adopt throughout the email. An important care is that the farewell is not too sudden. Make a small transition to show that you are coming to an end point out what the next steps in the conversation are and then say goodbye. There is an interesting practice which is to thank the interlocutor for his attention.

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