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If you want to know more information about your potential customer to qualify. Them your landing form is not the best for this unless they are a page. Focus on leads who already have contact with your business. Use whitespace well Going back to your landing page design white. Spaces are not necessarily white in color but it is the empty space between elements. They are important to breathe and for your page not to look like it’s a big block of information. In addition they serve to create units of content. Because our brain has a tendency to group objects that are together. In the same unit according to the empty space between them.

Clarification of the target audience

The image below is an example of this create landing page You probably don’t see circles as a whole but a set of circles and another set of. On your landing page this trend can be used to organize Indonesia Email List information into blocks according to the white spaces that separate them and highlight what you want to draw attention to. Use fonts to make your landing page look like your business To make your landing page look like your business you can use a custom font.

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Analysis of consumer motivation

Like for example on this page where a more designed and relaxed font was used in the title. create landing page Ideally you choose simple easy-to-read fonts for the body text of your landing page and if you Phone Lead want to use a different font use it in the title or in a specific element. But be careful it is extremely important that the letters are easily readable otherwise you can discourage your visitor from continuing to read. Don’t use those overly drawn wedding invitation fonts unless you’re selling a calligraphy course focused on that type of font.

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