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Determine the required a Reels on its important to choose a time when. Your followers are usually active on the social network to increase the chances of the content being view. There are some times that are known to be positive in the market. According to Influencer Marketing Hub good publishing times in Brazil are: Wednesday at am. Thursday at pm and pm; Friday at am. When choosing the best time to post on take into. Account not only market numbers but the behavior pattern of your own audience.

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That way you will get better results. Bonus: Your Checklist for Reels With these reasons in mind we hope you start to see the opportunity Reels can offer to grow your audience. Just to make sure youre on the right track heres a checklist to help you prepare for the big Reels arrival day. Start creating videos in Reels format : vertical videos. Check Liberia Email List if this content fits with your current fee profile. Plan your top hashtags and be ready to post to Reels with hashtags that dont currently feature content in that format.

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Run Reels style ads if paid traffic is part of your strategy. Be creative! Reels dont have to be TikTok videos. Take this chance to shape new users view of what Reels videos should look like. If you follow these steps youll be more than ready to grow your audience with this feature. Feel free to leave any questions or comments about Reels in the Phone Lead comments below! Oh and if is your social media of choice youll definitely want to check out this post on how to have a champion profile on the social network. Brazilian economy: understand how it impacts the digital market and the main trends for the coming years! hotmart Per hotmart min Brazilian economy The Brazilian economy can be understood as a kind of thermometer for all branches of society.

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