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Compile a report on first step to start your email relationship with your leads in a spectacular way is to have a welcome email. This email template works more or less like getting the phone number of a person you’re interest in. You send an unpretentious message bringing up the subject like someone who doesn’t want anything but deep down you want this conversation not to end here. Your goal is to keep the person interacting with you but not seem like you’re desperate to keep talking. Look how well this welcome email does it It has a welcome message and then gives some options for things the user can do to continue interacting with the platform. Note how simple actions are adding a photo to the profile verifying personal information.

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Things that will draw the person back to the company’s website. However without asking her to book accommodation right away. Airbnb’s ultimate goal is likely to be for register users to book but that first Tunisia Email List email isn’t the ideal time to include such a call to action as the potential customer isn’t ready to take that step yet. You can use the welcome email to briefly introduce yourself to the lead and pass on relevant information such as how often they will receive emails or the next step they should take.

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The most important thing is that you don’t send this email just to say “welcome” or “thanks for subscribing”. Take advantage of this moment to create an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the lead Phone Lead through a call to action that takes her to your website blog channel or profile on social networks. The structure of this email template generally follows this pattern Welcome or thank you for subscribing Information about the company or service with which she register What should the person do next And a CTA button.

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