How to create an SEO project in XOVI

In the project we can directly introduce our domain and its competitors. We will also add the most important keywords on our website, so that the tool saves them in keyword monitoring. In this way we will save the history and then we can check how the positions have improved over time. XOVI allows us to monitor on various devices, search engines and days of the week. Then we add our social networks, let it begin to analyze the errors on the page and… strike out! We already have all the data we need for our SEO audit configured.

The XOVI Control Panel

When we save a project within XOVI. SEO project in XOVI the tool takes us directly to the control panel so we can get a general idea of ​​the domain. In the control panel. In addition, the first thing we find are the keyword performance indicators where we will see the total number of keywords. In addition, the domain that are positioned among the top 100 positions of Google and the OVI. OVI stands for email contact list Online Value Index or Online Indexing Value and is a ratio that takes into account the ranked words of the domain. Therefore, its position and search volume to calculate the SEO online visibility that the domain is acquiring.

Analyze social networks

Although social networks are not an SEO factor. Therefore, they can help us attract a large amount of qualified traffic to our website. Furthermore, through social networks we can detect the tastes and preferences of our audience to choose. Therefore, the topics that are most interesting at all times. In this video Phone Lead Rubén Alonso , an online marketing consultant and a well-known blogger. After that, the sector, tells us how to analyze his own or his competitors’ social networks with XOVI.

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