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In addition the cost also takes into account other factors that do not only involve the price but for example the time that the consumer will take to have the product in hand a very important factor in the case of an e-commerce the displacement to your point of sale etc. And of course it also includes the benefits that the consumer will have with your product or service which need to be measure when deciding on the final cost. Convenience Before Square. Now Convenience. If Square in the Ps of marketing refers to the exact location where your store is Convenience embraces more elements than simply the point of sale.

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This factor is closely linked to public access to your product or service. Therefore based on your persona’s behavior you should be able to know whether your customers prefer to shop online or in Lithuania Email List physical stores and what they are willing to do to buy your product or hire your service. Therefore much more than physical aspects of the environment we are also talking about the consumer’s experience with your brand. If doing business with you isn’t convenient appropriate and easy your audience is likely to decide to buy from your competition . which of course you don’t want right? So be sure to think about Convenience when selling your products or services.

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The fourth and last of the Cs of marketing replaces Promotion with the Ps of marketing. This item deals with the way in which you relate to your client. So it is at this point that the marketing professional needs Phone Lead to position his brand in the market maintain the reputation of his business and communicate in the means channels that the customer uses. Communication is the bridge between your business and your customers and you should be concerned with dialogue how you can please and delight the target audience etc.

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