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Difficulty transferring the triggers that fire the nutrition sequence The trigger is the action of activating a flow of nutrition such as downloading an e-book clicking on a CTA in an email nutrition flow. Produce the contents of the emails This step is extremely important to captivate the lead and keep him engaged. The email contents must be relevant and add value to the lead. After all who would like to receive empty and useless content? Therefore plan a series of interesting content and in each email include a call to action. This call will also serve as a trigger to increase the lead’s score. That is to make it advance in the funnel and receive increasingly in-depth content about the business and incline towards sales.

Business plan and business model

Determine the interval between sending and schedule the sending of messages By now you must be thinking Wow how much work! But with marketing automation tools much of the flow is automate Slovakia Email List allowing you more time to think about content and strategy. Then in your automation tool set a convenient interval to send each email. For example if the lead has just downloads an e-book don’t send another email afterwards offering other material. The ideal is to wait between and days to send the next content.

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Also do not let too much time pass because the lead can cool down that is forget about your business and even look for a competitor. Analyze results and optimize your strategy After sending your content Phone Lead to leads you need to review your strategy. This is important because you’ll notice what work and what still didn’t. Thus you will be able to adjust your results so as not to repeat the same mistake. Then analyze the reception of your emails. See if your leads open the message downloads the content and which subjects are the most sought after.

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