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From your business manager dashboard. Click business settings. In the left column. Click instagram accounts. Then click add. In the pop-up box. Enter your instagram login information and click log in to connect your account. A view of the meta business manager dashboard. With “instagram accounts” in the left hand menu select. The main window shows that this account doesn’t yet have any instagram accounts add to it. Set up facebook pixels what’s a facebook pixel? Put simply. It’s a small bit of code that facebook generates for you. When you place this code on your website. It gives you access to information that will allow you to track conversions. Optimize facebook ads. Build target audiences for your ads.

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And remarket to leads. We recommend setting up your facebook pixel right away. Even if you’re not ready to start your first ad campaign yet. The information it provides now will be valuable when you are ready to start advertising. Our complete guide to using facebook pixels is a great resource that walks you through everything you. 

Need to know about making the best use of business database the information a facebook pixel can provide. For now. Let’s get your pixel set up from within the meta business manager. From your business manager dashboard. Click business settings. In the left column. Expand the data sources menu and click pixels. Then click add. In your business manager dashboard. You can select pixels under the data sources menu.

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Enter a name up to 50 characters for your pixel. Enter your website so facebook can provide the best recommendations for how to set up your pixel. Then click continue. When you click continue. You are agreeing to the pixel terms and conditions. So you should read those before you go any further. Creating a pixel in business manager. 

You will ne to enter the pixel name and your Phone Lead website url 4. Click set up the pixel now. After creating your pixel. You ne to add it to your website. This screen on facebook business manager prompts you to either continue managing your business or set up the pixel now. Follow the detail instructions in our facebook pixel guide to get the pixel set up on your website and start collecting data.

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