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SSL is a security certificate that guarantees that the data entered on. Your page is encrypt before being set to the server where it will be process. This is an important step to ensure that if your potential. Customer’s information is intercept by malicious people it will not be readable. It may seem complicated but it’s actually very simple to acquire an SSL certificate. In the article on what is SSL I explain exactly how to do this. Do ab test when creating landing page If after creating your entire landing page. Like a professional you are left in doubt whether a red CTA button would draw. More attention than the current one which is green or another similar question.

What is delegation of authority and why is it need

Just do an ab test to prove with real results which of the two options is the one that brings the most results to your business. It works like this You create two identical pages but one with the red button and the Italy Email List other with the green button or by modifying some other element you want to test. Then the two pages are published and the visitor traffic is divided between them for a certain period. In the end you collect access and conversion data and evaluate which of the two versions performed better. The champion turns to your official landing page and you eliminate the guesswork.

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How to delegate authority correctly and not worry

Now creating a successful landing page is up to you In this article you’ve seen golden tips to build a professional-looking landing page without paying too much for it. Some of these are applying wrapping Phone Lead using arrows to guide the reader to the CTA and creating color contrast. Now it’s time for you to get your hands dirty and transform your pages! Start creating landing pages with Hotmart Pages With Hotmart’s Page Builder you can create and publish your pages even without knowing anything about programming and design.

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