May not be using the full potential

The visitor searches for information. is interest. in The product and usually already makes a comparison between alternatives (websites). Conversions include downloadable guides. newsletter subscriptions. time spent on the site or a specific page. This is the stage where you get information about the quality of site traffic and the functionality of the website. In the Convert phase. the revenue generat. by visitors is measur.. An average value can be

When you know how often a lead turns

calculat. for contact forms into a sale on average and what the average value of the sale is. Online shopping purchases business lead naturally have a euro value. When the results now have a euro sign behind them. the return on capital invest. in advertising (ROAS. Return on Ad Spend) can be calculat.. In the engage phase. the customer.s commitment is measur.. Referrals given. reviews. newsletter opening rate. repurchases..

Good indicator of business

When we prune. boost (e.g. certain areas. age groups. ad display locations or even target groups of a certain family status) and sometimes Phone Lead boldly test. we make advertising more effective than before and the conversion rate of the desir. stage increases. Findings from the data help to see the most potential target group and optimize different areas. In Ads advertising. these can be. for example. keywords. negative keywords. the user.s terminal.

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