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Working with other senior an attractive subject There is a theory in digital marketing that places attraction as the starting point of a company client relationship. It is the AIDA Attention Interest Desire and Action which describes each of these steps that the consumers mind goes through in the process of buying a new product or service. According to this theory attention is the first thing you need to awaken in your future customer so that he evolves and follows through the entire sales funnel until the moment of purchase.

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Now what most attracts or does not your prospects attention determining whether or not he will want to open your presentation email. You are correct if you answere that it is the subject of the email. In a Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List world where people are being increasingly bombard with information from all sides They just dont open every email in their inbox. If you want to guarantee that your email will be one of the privilege ones of the day you have to earn it. So invest time and energy in creating an attractive subject that is consistent with the language of your email.

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If you want to see tips on how to create an attractive subject check out the article practical formulas for writing irresistible headlines. Make a short presentation Since the intention is to create a bond with your Phone Lead lead it is essential that she learns more about you in this first contact. To do this introduce yourself clearly and briefly. This is because the focus of the email is not you or your company but the solution you have to offer. The suggestion is that you start this part with a more personal connection calling your potential client by their first name for example. Just be careful not to end up exaggerating the presentation and also to check that the name is correct.

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