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on a publisher’s site to meet prominence, visibility, and size goals. Additionally, AdStream monetizes existing video content and promotes your unique YouTube channel using Instream. But, if you don’t have any video content of your own, you can let Snigel create ideos for you by providing your website resources and syndicated content. Alternatively, you can generate additional income using Outstream.

It offers responsive Your AdSense ads, parallax units, and interactive

AdStream can also be used as a floating unit or within content. Advertising experts offer custom settings for desktop and mobile based on user experience and revenue goals. AdStream is responsible for providing the necessary benefits, such as: • Video content latest database  promotion • Get more subscribers to your YouTube channel • Provide 10x higher CPM than display ads • Increase user engagement and time on site • Creation of high-quality video content. Advantage lets you see all your real-time ad performance data in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It’s Snigel’s interactive portal that delivers ad performance

Website Optimization Many publishers rely heavily

Data directly to your dashboard, allowing you to seamlessly track data. The easy-to-use and powerful interactive dashboard lets you see performance updates   Phone Lead in real time. AdVantage is a mobile-friendly app that allows you to check earnings, statistics, and performance on the go. Characteristics: • Has an intuitive user interface • Provides real-time updates • Filter reports by impressions, CPM, CTR, and ad requests • Offers filterable reports #4. AdConsent is Snigel’s IAB-registered content management platform that allows users to make decisions based on the level of ad targeting 

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