Integration of the store

Integration of from European funds can then be used to equip the company with specialized R&D equipment. The following activities offer funding in this area. Research and development activities and development of R&D infrastructure. Development of regional R&D potential FE for. Support for research infrastructure or research equipment necessary to conduct R&D work. Economy in transformation  FE for R&D works and R&D infrastructure in SMEs – R&D infrastructure of enterprises – FE for Opolskie. Investments in robotization and digitization. Enterprises can also receive funding for activities in the area of ​​digitization, automation and robotization.

The Multistore system

Assistance for entrepreneurs in the form of subsidies offers the following activities. Development of SMEs in the area of ​​digitalization and Industry FE for. How Photo Retouching to obtain funds to support new projects? In the article we listed some of the many activities supporting enterprise investments. Many of them are still waiting to be launched, and some can already be used. If you need to learn more about EU support in the form of subsidies or grants. Contact us! We will show you how to obtain funds. For the development of your company. Fill out the contact form and take advantage of our specialist advice.

Solutions dedicated to the medical Integration of 

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