Include key functions such as operations

Especially to employees. As lack of communication can cause safety issues. Although there is no perfect formula for communicating or a defin protocol for managing crises. It is important to avoid “not communicating”. As it can lead to a lack of control of the event and the inevitable amplification of the negative effects on the organization’s reputation . Include key functions such as operations

Leaving room for others to speak in our place

On the contrary. If the organization demonstrates reliability and objectivity in communication during the crisis. The crisis management process can be advantageous europe email list and become an opportunity to build value during the phase of restoring the organization’s image. Therefore. To ensure timely intervention. It is essential to plan a crisis communication strategy that includes the following elements: internal communication – it is important to inform and involve managers and employees so that they know and .

Understand what is happening Include key functions such as operations

Furthermore. It is necessary to communicate at all internal levels the procures and actions to be taken in the event of a crisis. This internal organizational preparation allows you to maintain consistent communication during the crisis and avoid errors that Phone Lead can arise from chaos. External communication – it is essential to communicate with various stakeholders. Such as shareholders. Institutions.

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