Imagine that when you are enjoying

At first glanc. The phrase “available at your beck and call” may seem insignificant. I  but if your boss takes it seriously You’re in trouble. In the future, if your boss has any questions or needs help. He or she will contact you first. Regardless of whether you are busy with other work or on vacation.  your vacation, your boss calls you and ruins your vacation. Can you bear it.

Give me the chance and I’ll do whatever you ask of me.

When you say this, it means that Qatar Phone Numbers List you are willing to accept any job that is offered to you, and you cannot refuse it. Then all the hard work that no one else in the company is willing to do will be thrown to you, and you cannot complain. because in the end you will only suffer.

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I love my job and the company is my home”

Many people have probably said or heard this sentence before. It can Cambodia Phone Number List also be said to be a famous saying to please the boss. Since you like the job and the company. What do you think if the boss keeps giving you work and asking you to stay in the company and work overtime? So, don’t say this.

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