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How to generate Google Ads for example are two of the most common tools for generating leads. As with other marketing strategies experiment with different keywords. Audience segments until you find the best combination for your business. In the example below you can see a post from our Spanish Facebook page that we decide. To boost to promote a WhatsApp sales webinar. Lives and webinars Lives and webinars or webinars are marketing. Actions that are being increasingly adhere to and love by companies. These are ways to interact with leads more closely pass on content in a more didactic way engage and even make offers.

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To capture leads this way you can use landing pages email invitations or social media. It’s important to stay in touch before during and after live streams with your audience. That way the chances Russian Email List of them moving forward in the sales funnel are greater. See below the example of a call for a live class of ours in an exclusive page that we have for webinar. Forms Forms are the primary means by which you can capture lead information. The format and information that will be request in the form will depend among other things on your strategy and the material offered.

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The more information request in the forms the easier it is to qualify leads and bet on those with the most potential. But don’t overdo it either as very large forms can generate objection. The most common Phone Lead is to ask for contact information website and ask what the user’s interests are and how much he knows about the business. And it is worth remembering that according to the General Data Protection Law LGPD a user’s data should only be store with consent. Therefore it is mandatory to include an acceptance box asking if the user agrees to receive communications from your company.

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