If you want to apply for a car loan

According to the JDPower Malaysia Auto Finance Satisfaction Study, Malaysians pay the most attention to the interest rate when applying for auto loans. After all, low interest rates can help car owners save more. And those who apply for auto loans directly from banks are more satisfied than those who apply for bank loans through car dealers!

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JDPower Malaysia obtained this report on customer satisfaction with automotive financial service institutions by sending out a Tunisia Phone Number List survey report to 2,504 car owners who applied for auto loans from banks or financial institutions between March and April 2018.

The report results show that Maybank has the highest satisfaction rate when applying for car loans, scoring 773 points, while .

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Companies you may be interested in

As for the fourth to seventh Cambodia Phone Number List places, they are Affin Bank (748 points), RHB Bank (744 points), Public Bank (740 points) and Am Bank (739 points).

CIMB Bank ranks second, or 770 points; and Hong Leong Bank ranks third, scoring 756 points.


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