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Communicating brand last written excerpts will be read possibly seconds before the response or action taken by the reader. Therefore if there is any negative mention it is worth considering the alternative of moving it to the middle of the text. The last feeling of reading should be more pleasant so that you are more likely to get the desire reaction. If you end an email citing three reprehensible actions of the interlocutor you can be sure that you will receive a very angry response even if you have not committd a single inaccuracy. Now if you throw the negative part of the story into the middle of the message and finish with more positive aspects possible praise or constructive suggestions you will have a much better result.

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One of the reasons for being so careful with negative information is that the text is not accompanid by facial expressions or the possibility of immediate interaction. In this way the reasoning of the writer Sudan Email List may not be accompanid by that of the reader which leads to misunderstandings and frustrations. So in addition to seeking the greatest possible precision in the preparation of your text considering exactly who your reader is try to smooth out negative aspects by putting yourself in the interlocutor’s position and seeking reconciliation.

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So even if you really want to scream in the recipient’s ears you can get much better reactions and results if you go the diplomatic route. That is trying to understand the interlocutor’s point of view and then Phone Lead offering viable alternatives for reconciling interests. VIDEO How to do email marketing? | Hotmart Q&A. Avoid abbreviations This tip is very practical objective and simple. Even so it deserves to be rememberd do not use abbreviations at the end of an email. This is important for several reasons but perhaps the most important is the possibility that the caller may not know the abbreviation adopted.

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