How to Be a Good And Inspiring Writer

Actually everyone is a writer.

This is a fact.

When we think back about the nature of writing, actually all of us, consciously or not, whether we like it or not… we do it every day.

We write emails, reply to WhatsApp, we post statuses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we also leave comments on blogs.

Doesn’t every post we make indirectly make us a writer?

Writing is one aspect that we always do in our life – just like we climb the stairs, over and over again every time and every day.

Writing can make us look wise and conversely it can also make us look stupid

It symbolizes our mentality.

It can portray our image as someone who is Latest Mailing Database cheerful, kind, mature and trustworthy.

But it can also be the other way around, reflecting us as bored, not intimate and egotistical and not smart enough.

Our readers are not stupid.

They may judge us from the style of writing.

So, how would you like to describe it?

How to become a great writer?
In our life, most people believe that;

.. the ability to write well and great, is a ‘privacy’ that is only conferred on certain people..

Not everyone gets this gift.

The ability to write well is considered an art, associated with extraordinary prowess and a gift from God to some people.

In the past, almost all my life, I also thought so.

I thought writing was an art Something special. For talented people only

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For me the author is someone who is very interesting.

They are born with a great talent to attract people’s attention Phone Lead with their work. Give inspiration to others.

That’s what I thought.

Thinking like this makes us think that in this world there are two groups of people:

He is a person who was born with a talent for writing
Those who are unfortunate, namely those who have no hope of writing well, hopeless struggle. – It’s like trying to carve marble with a penknife.
In essence, everyone is not born to write and not to be poor either.

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