How to Request the Flat Rate for Self-employed

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, it is time to formalize your situation with the Treasury and Social Security to start working as a freelance. Below we explain step by step how to request the flat rate for self-employed workers:

Register with the Tax Agency Treasury

Go to the nearest Tax Agency with a prior appointment. There you will have to fill in form 036 or 037 , they will tell you which one is indicated for your specific case.
Then you must register with the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE), through model 840 .

Some multi-active freelancers cannot enjoy the flat rate. This means that if you are self-employed at the same time as an employee. For another company, you will have to choose only one bonus. If you already enjoy the one offered to those who are listed in both social security schemes. You will not be able Whatsapp Mobile Number List to take advantage of the flat rate for self-employed workers. Although you cannot have both at the same time. You can choose between one of the two, and most often it is more profitable to choose. The self-employed flat rate.
Requirements for new self-employed persons residing. In a municipality with less than 5,000 inhabitants
The new self-employed who live in municipalities. That do not exceed 5,000 inhabitants can enjoy up to 24 months of flat rate. In order to receive this extension of the flat rate for.Self-employed workers beyond the first year, the following requirements must be met.

You must be registered in a municipality

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With fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. At the time you register as a self-employed person with social security. In addition, you will have to remain registered in the same municipality for the following 4 years.
You have to register with the corresponding tax agency or Phone Lead provincial treasury. Indicating the address where the activity will be carried out within the chosen municipality.
You will have to maintain the reta (special regime for self-employed workers) registration .For two years after the first registration as self-employed.
In any case, if you have any questions.It is best to go to the social security office closest to your home to receive personalized advice.

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