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After all, salary is the biggest motivation that spurs us to work hard.  If your request is rejected or suppressed by the other party, and you compromise with a sigh of relief, that feeling of grievance.  Will continue to torment you when you get your salary every month in the future!

Experts have given us 5 practical suggestions on how to be smart in the interview and greatly increase the possibility of your expected salary being accepted! Do you also happen to encounter this problem? Then take a look!

Companies you may be interested

. How to explain the current job benefi

When the interviewer asks about your current income, remember Guatemala Phone Number List to answer as truthfully as possible and include basic salary, bonuses, allowances, etc.

If you are asked to specify


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The amount, the bonus is still considered part of your salary. If your bonus last year was larger than this year, state last year’s amount when negotiating your salary.

If possible, try not to talk about money at first. Instead, let the other party understand what kind of contribution you can bring to the new company and new job before discussing salary.

2. Discuss the position first, then the salary

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