How to Make Corporate Storytelling That Makes a Difference in B2B

Many companies will have undertaken a rebranding or communication strategy reevaluation process and realized that the missed business opportunities are linked precisely to the type of message conveyed.

Standard approaches that emphasize the ability and experience of the company in a certain sector no longer work. To generate leads, sales opportunities and close new customers, you need to go a step further. Today we talk about corporate storytelling and its opportunities for b2b. With some useful advice for approaching this discipline as fascinating as it is high-performing.

Corporate Storytelling: Why Your Business Needs a Great Story

The first myth to dispel when talking about corporate storytelling is that it is not just about b2c companies. Having a great story to communicate is not just about companies that address people; in fact, this change of perspective starts from the assumption that even in b2b companies, purchasing decisions are made by people , so it is to them that we need to talk.

Communication must be targeted

To work, a big story must first of all refer to a specific target. A story told to excite a large audience of people will hardly make a dent in people’s hearts. To be functional Chinese in Europe to the objective, it must be limited to a specific target , so as to involve and entertain it with an emotional communication strategy.

corporate storytelling
Starting the right mechanisms of corporate storytelling to win people over requires time and attempts, necessary to find the communication key that best attracts the public’s attention: once identified, a virtuous circle of growth, loyalty and business opportunities will be generated.

Chinese in Europe

The messages are emotional and engaging

In this article we have already mentioned the strong point of corporate storytelling. The messages are not standard, but are based on positive sensations. How to Make the generation of feelings and emotional transport. But what does this mean exactly? Choosing to convey branding messages through the discipline of storytelling means working on emotions until attracting, at first, and then involving the public .

Storytelling does not change the objective of the strategy, but the way in which the target is reached. Let’s suppose that a company sells security systems. A standard and anonymous message could emphasize the experience gained in the sector. And the number of customers acquired over the years of activity. An emotional communication focuses on the company’s commitment to ensuring that people feel safe. Healthy and safe and how the company works every day for the safety of each individual.

Now that we have seen what the pillars of the storytelling discipline are , let’s move on to its usefulness in the b2b sector and, in particular, to the use that different departments can make of it.

Storytelling and Marketing

Marketing is one of the business segments most interested in putting this strategy into practice. The first aspect to explore concerns the distribution of storytelling Iran Phone Number List messages in corporate communication. The advice is to use this approach not only for writing content on the corporate website , but also for all other activities, with particular attention to its declination.

corporate storytelling

Decreasing the storyline means making it attractive for different activities: email marketing , social media, content marketing and video marketing .

Storytelling and Sales

The use of corporate storytelling in marketing is essential. And what about sales? Also! As part of a corporate strategy based on storytelling. How to Make it is essential that the sales department also uses the same story in daily conversations with potential customers. The storyline must be the protagonist in every phase of the buyer’s journey , in any exchange of messages and correspondence: chat, email, telephone, presentations.

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