How Much Do You Have to Pay in the Flat Rate for Self-employed Workers in 2021

To find out how the self-employed flat rate is calculated, you will have.To take into account the contribution base. The contribution base consists of the reference monthly remuneration that. The self-employed choose to pay to social security. Unlike employed workers, the self-employed can freely choose the amount they .Want to pay monthly and it is not related to .The income they receive from carrying out their activities.

What you pay to social security each month, that is, the self-employed quota.Depends on the contribution base you choose. Through a decree-law, the government selects each year. The minimum and maximum contribution base, and these limits are recorded. In the general state budget (pge). If you have doubts about what the limits are for each year, you can always go to the pge to check it.

In 2021 these are the limits for the contribution bases

The minimum contribution base for the self-employed is €944.40 per month.
The maximum base is €4,070.10 per month.
How to choose the contribution base as a freelancer.
The chosen contribution base will determine Database the social .Benefits you receive, that is, the benefit for unemployment, temporary disability or retirement. The more you pay, the better conditions you will receive.

If what you are interested in is paying the flat rate for freelancers. Then you will have to choose the minimum base. You will pay €60 per month for the first year.

If you choose a higher contribution base, an 80% reduction will apply for the first year. Which would be around €300 per month if you choose the maximum price.

Once the first year has passed and regardless of the contribution base chosen.You will be able to enjoy the following reductions:

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