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One of the first projects wanted by tisci was the launch of the new burberry logo. Which captured the attention of a more varied audience. Made up of regular customers but also millennials and generation z. Simultaneously with this operation. In september. It was his first collection for the brand was presented. Which reached the extraordinary figure of $8.4m in mivĀ®. This digital transformation is also confirmed by the voci detail. Influencer campaigns today play an evidently strategic role. Given that they account for 40.6% in terms of share of value compared to the 16% they represented when the brand was directed by christopher bailey.

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Lets take a look at some examples of digital transformation of luxury brands burberry the famous british fashion house. Burberry . Is in the midst of a rebranding process. Having enlisted riccardo tisci as creative director . The company has completely revised its digital strategy by implementing various innovations such as the monthly burberry bseries. During which buyers can purchase unique pieces. Exclusively via social media. Within a limited period of 24 hours. This idea represents the right balance between luxury Business database and digital. Allowing the brands models to remain exclusive and firmly in the world of luxury but. At the same time. To attract a wider audience thanks to social media.

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Almost every industry has been impacted in some way by the advent of digital. From new forms of advertising to the opportunity to reach previously unexplored markets. Brands are monetizing what is offered to them. The luxury industry has. Without a doubt. Been a little slower to address a total process revolution in favor of digital transformation. Adopting a more cautious approach. Phone Lead However. It can be said without a doubt that even luxury brands are starting to fully immerse themselves in this new scenario and that they have had to reconsider both their style and their communication strategies to meet the increasingly digital consumers of the 21st century.

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