Success Formula Forget About Goals

Get a healthy body, build a successful business, raise a happy family, write a best selling book, travel around the world..

.. etc.

And for most people, the path to all of these things starts with setting goals.

At the very least, this is the most basic step of how we all navigated life before.

I can set goals for how many articles I want to write, which country I want to travel to next, and how many clients I want in my photo business.

But, what I started to realize is;
— when it becomes something that needs to be completed, then we need to make progress towards it..

This is where the difference between goals and processes begins

Difference between goal and process
What is the difference between goals and processes?

If you are a coach , your goal is to win a Phone Number List championship. Your process is what your team practices every day.
If you are a writer , your goal is to write a book. Your process is according to the writing schedule that has been set every week.
If you are a runner , your goal is to run a marathon. Your process is to follow a routine exercise every set time.
If you are a teacher , your goal is for students to get excellent results. Your process is to teach students according to the syllabus that has been set.
Now an interesting question arises:

If you ignore the goal and focus only on the process can we still get good results

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For example, at the time this article was Phone Lead written, I had just added to my savings this year.

In the last 11 months, I have been able to save more than RM5K without even realizing it.

This figure came as a big surprise to me because I never set any goals for my savings.

I never count the money I save or set a target of how many ringgit I should save every day.

I never really thought about it.

What I do is save money every day and try to save what is worth it, and avoid unnecessary waste.

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