Creativity analytics and brand purpose as pillars to grow your company

Since COVID arrived in March 2020, I have been thinking about the best way to define a strategy to get out of the crisis or to try to protect . Ourselves from them. I recently talked to you about multi-scale strategies and antifragility . Creativity analytics and brand purpose as pillars to grow your company, but it is something. I have been thinking about since the beginning . Of the crisis. Some examples are this Marketing Guide in times of coronavirus (with which this series of articles began and which ended up becoming a book), the need for.  Brands to become.  Relevant again to connect with their audience or the keys to trying to reinvent marketing to adapt it to the new context . That’s why every time I read or think about a. New approach I start . Teflecting on it. It’s my way of sharpening the ax to cut down more trees when I go tactical with my clients.

Companies that apply creativity , analytics and purpose in a combined way manage to grow at least twice as fast as their competition.

Obviously this catches the attention of any businessman and/or manager: ”How? If I do this do I grow x 2? Tell me more!” But of course, as behind most of these spectacular numbers, there is a trick. First you have to be able to implement the three elements correctly and use them in combination for the benefit of the company. And this is not so easy. The logic behind these top industry data statements is common sense (and brilliant). We need to be creative to innovate, give the right message, define the products that our customers want. To leverage this creativity,

Creativity, analytics and brand purpose as pillars of a business strategy

Maybe I should have used “or” instead of “and” for our case. Just like when we define the brand purpose of our company, we have some pillars that serve as a guide to guide our steps. When we define a strategy, we can have our reference points to focus our activity. And creativity, analytics and purpose seem like great options to me. Especially when it is proven that it is not necessary to be a master in all three to improve, that the use of one or two in combination already brings great benefits for Phone Lead the company. What does creativity imply in a company? How does a company encourage creativity? When they talk to us about creativity, we instinctively think of communication, of texts and images that convey our value proposition in a relevant way. But this is only a small part of its application in a business.

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