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The Content Marketing strategy is relatively recent. Therefore, and is directly related to the digital transformation and the democratization of internet access. Years ago, people discovered a new brand or. Therefore, product only when they saw an advertisement on television. On the other hand, currently the buyer has much more power to choose the content he wants to consume. Now, he actively searches the Internet for information that can help him resolve his claims.


What is content marketing

This way, with Content Marketing, you have the. Therefore, opportunity to offer exactly what these people are executive data looking for. But be careful! Your strategies should not focus their efforts. Therefore, solely on selling products. The objective is to share your knowledge with people, helping them solve some type of doubt or problem.


And what is Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that seeks to attract Phone Lead the consumer spontaneously and. Therefore, non-invasively. The intention is not to bombard the public with advertising, but to make them find your business at the. Therefore, appropriate time.

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