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The video content reached $1m miv and 4.4m views . Using the right influencers works for huda beauty because they showcase and collaborate with influencers who authentically represent the brands values. Scrolling through the brands page. You can notice a consistency between the type of influencers they collaborate with but also a high volume. This stamp of approval from wellknown influencers. Who represent a network external to that of its owned media. Helps the brand increase its media impact tenfold.As the digital transformation of luxury brands becomes increasingly evident. We want to analyze how they are giving new impetus to their customer base.

Metrics That Can Be Drawn

The most in terms of miv was @sadaf_beauty . Who is a mega influencer with a following of 2m followers on instagram and who often uses the brand in her tutorial videos. Three of the five posts that performed best overall for the brand are by her. This post generated a miv of $811k . The influencer made sure to tag all the brands mentioned in the post and received 403k likes and 82k comments. Among the top ones we also find @marimaria who was then shared on the huda beauty instagram business lead page an example of effective reuse of the influencers contents that the brand often publishes. This was. Overall. The top post made by an influencer for huda beauty.

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Conclusions and Insights However

How does huda beauty use influencers? As anticipated. Influencers are undoubtedly the voice that stands out above all when we talk about generating media impact value for huda beauty they account for 81% of the total miv obtained in the month of june. The brand uses a mix  Phone Lead of different types of influencers but usually does not give any relevance to midtier and allstar influencers on its social channels. Here is a list of top influencers who generate value for huda beauty huda beauty digital strategy taking a closer look at the types of posts that generated the most value gives us further insights into huda beautys effective digital strategy. The influencer who generated

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