Build Funnels to Advance on the Value Ladder

But always with courage first! And now I tell you, is the objective of the process to lead the client towards the sale? Yes, providing value while we guide you through the process. Cool! Thinking then about each point of contact in the process, in each email or step: is the objective for you to move to the next phase? Yes of course. And the key is to really perceive the value of what you have obtained and the. Build Funnels value that you can obtain in the next point . There you have the key. No matter how good your cake is, it will be forgotten unless you remember it. I think so for the person next to me, although she must have been annoyed by what she did before because now she seems to refuse to look… or I have bored her. I do not know.

That and the crooked

Therefore, we ask for help. We are looking for a “funnel configurator” to help us because our problem is that we do not know company data how to use Active Campaign . What do we put in the emails? More aggressive? Less? What tone? Well, it seems easy (but it’s not at all). We read a little about Copywriting, a little while with Maïder (how great you are), a little while with Pástor Andaluz (how great you are), a little while with Isabel Romero (loving friend). Therefore, I want us to discuss today? Well, there is a lot of talk about sales funnels, conversion funnels, funnels and all that lately. But do you know one thing? In many cases I have been asked about funnels that don’t quite work and I have always encountered the same problem : you think  about technology and move towards the sale. 

Build Funnels Let's say we decide

Wake up before the alarm even goes off. You have to see this new update of YOs (get it? IOS with Y? … em, okay) it’s the milk. I look at my phone several times Phone Lead and decide to get up and leave a little early . To wait here, better on the train. Breakfast consists of coffee and some cookies, the only digestive thing about them is their name . Everything in silence, only with me, because my two girls are sleeping, one in each room. I look at myself in the mirror. My mother! Well, at least I now have a solution to relieve the weight of the backpack: put some of the things in my eye bags (the Mac for example). I’m getting old.

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