Blog Performance to the Maximal Stage

What I like the most is the Protect module because it efficiently prevents brute force. It will prevent my website from being penetrated by hackers and malware.

It contains 37 modules in total for you to choose from. The modules in jetpack will cover several types of important functions in wordpress, namely:

2. Yoast SEO
mandatory plugin for wordpress yoast

There is no doubt that this plugin is the most popular SEO plugin in the world

For me, it is mandatory because it helps me to Database complete basic on-page seo tasks quickly and effectively.

It has the most complete functionality and carries out the most modern SEO assessment, including optimization for social media.

You can perform any SEO function on your blog with the help of this plugin. Among the main functions of Yoast SEO are:

W3 Total Cache is the most comprehensive plugin in the caching plugin category.

It really makes an impact in speeding up the blog, especially when combined with Cloudflare. What do you think when this page loads? fast isn’t it?

Although it’s a bit complex and confusing for new users, it’s worth spending time setting up the right settings.
To explain in detail how the cache plugin works, it’s a bit difficult to explain. But briefly:

When someone visits your website, they need to request a lot of information from your web host.

Your server needs to send what is requested such as images, javascript and CSS. The visitor also needs to retrieve content from the wordpress database.

All these things will increase the time to upload your website loading time


mandatory plugin for wordpress – plugin cache

When more and more people visit and more and more Phone Lead pages are opened, then the above will happen again and again, thus burdening your server.

In fact, your bandwidth will also run out quickly.

This is where the cache plugin comes into play.

It works by creating a static page of your content and storing it somewhere.

When visitors come, they will be given data that has been processed and stored earlier so that your server doesn’t have to work multiple times for each visitor.

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