AWS CodeArtifact adds support for Rust packages with Cargo

AWS CodeArtifact adds support for Rust packages with Cargo. Starting today, Rust developers can store and access their libraries (known as crates in Rust’s world) on AWS CodeArtifact.

Modern software development relies heavily on pre-written code packages to accelerate development. These packages, which can number in the hundreds for a single application. Tackle common programming tasks and can be create internally or obtaine from external sources. While these packages significantly help to spee up development. Their use introduces two main challenges for organizations: legal and security concerns.

On the legal side, organizations nee to ensure

They have compatible licenses for these Europe Cell Phone Number List third-party packages and that they don’t infringe on intellectual property rights. Security is another risk, as vulnerabilities in these packages could be exploite to compromise an application. A known tactic, the supply chain attack, involves injecting vulnerabilities into popular open source projects.

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To address these challenges, organizations can set up private package repositories

These repositories store pre-approve packages vette by security and legal teams, limiting the risk of legal or security exposure. This is where CodeArtifact enters.

AWS CodeArtifact is a fully manage artifact Belgium Phone Number List repository service designe to securely store, publish, and share software packages use in application development. It supports popular package managers and formats such as npm, PyPI, Maven, NuGet, SwiftPM, and Rubygem, enabling easy integration into existing development workflows. It helps enhance security through controlle access and facilitates collaboration across teams. CodeArtifact helps maintain a consistent, secure, and efficient software development lifecycle by integrating with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools.


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