And you said that your main

If you lack work experience or have no achievements or data to prove your ability, then you are digging a big hole for yourself by saying this. The company will not give you too high a salary before it knows your true ability.


As long as it’s not too low, I mainly want to increase my experience.

How low is “not too low”? What if the company thinks that paying more than RM1k is high?  purpose is to “gain experience”, then the Turkey Phone Number List company will give you the opportunity to “gain experience” by having you take on multiple roles, but the salary you are given is not high, and you will be the one who complains the most.

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I’ll be grateful if the company is willing to give me a job opportunity


As long as you say this, you have put your Australia Phone Number List status in the ground. Because of this sentence, if the company recruits  you and gives you any treatment in the future, you have to thank the company and cannot protest to the company.

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