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The P for Square as we mentioned in the Convenience topic relates to the location where your point of sale is located and the entire product distribution. Here in short the logistical aspects of your business come in. And finally there is Promotion which concerns the dissemination of this product such as sponsored links press relations blog or even merchandising in traditional media. These are the Ps that for a long time were the main pillars of the area evolving into the Cs of marketing the main characters of this text. How important are the Cs of Marketing? As you’ve read this far marketing is changing all the time.

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At every moment new elements tools and strategies mainly those coming from the internet make the consumer behave in a certain way. And the Cs of marketing are precisely concerned with understanding Malaysia Email List your customer’s habits and behaviors so that these aspects can be use to help your business sell more and better. Basically by understanding and applying the concept of the Cs of marketing in your business you can Improve your product service Know your audience better Attract and retain more customers Provide a more appropriate and personalized service Optimize processes and reduce costs. How to apply the Cs of Marketing in your business.

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Now that you already know the concept of each marketing C and the importance of each one of them see below how to apply it in your business actions and strategies!. Define a niche market When having Phone Lead a business it is essential that you work in a well-defined niche market otherwise you can be too broad and thus not be able to achieve the results you would like. Therefore based on the Cs of Customer and Cost define your market niche. To do this do a good market research understand your audience and personas what are the costs involved and so on.

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