60 online marketing tools you may not know about

60 online marketing tools you may not know about. Very complete selection of digital marketing, SEO and Social Media tools. Updated 2016 In this article I wanted to do a search for the lesser-known online marketing tools. Therefore, but that does not mean that they are tools that we should discard. In addition, since many of them are very useful and we can include them in our set of basic tools . Since the list is very extensive, I have thought of ordering and classifying the tools according to their theme so that it is easier for you to access the applications.

Disavow Tool

As we said before, we must control our portfolio of incoming links and ensure that all the domains that link to us are of quality and on the same topic. Sometimes, our website may be receiving links from other domains that are harmful and even cause Google to penalize us. This usually happens when we create links en masse, without prior analysis or when we have email leads  been victims of a negative SEO attack. What does this mean. It may be that other competitors are linking to us on purpose so that Google penalizes us and we lose positioning in the ranking.

Analyze social networks

Although social networks are not an SEO factor, they can help us attract a large amount of qualified traffic to our website. Furthermore, through social networks we can detect the tastes and preferences of our audience to choose the topics that are most interesting at all times. In this video Phone Lead Rubén Alonso , an online marketing consultant and a well-known blogger in the sector, tells us how to analyze his own or his competitors’ social networks with XOVI.

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