6 signs that a company is starting to go downhill. If you find something wrong, you should quit immediately!

Everyone knows that the signs of a person going downhill are nothing more than poor health, worsening laziness, lack of goals, worsening negative emotions, etc. So, can you clearly judge whether a company is facing great difficulties?


The personal development of employees is also closely related to the development of the company to a certain extent. A big stage can give employees a broader vision and room for upward development. Therefore, as people in the workplace, we also need to pay attention to the company’s situation at all times. If you find the following 6 characteristics of a company going downhill , you should start to be vigilant and think carefully and examine the situation.

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1 – Sudden strict attendance


The original culture of free working hours and time suddenly changed to a culture of strict attendance, clocking in and discipline. This shows that the self-discipline of employees is of great concern and is a way to manage the working hours of employees. In a company that is on the rise, employees will be very self-disciplined and can independently complete Finland Phone Number List the assigned tasks without special supervision, so the company can rest assured to give employees freedom. Therefore, if you find that the company has begun to strictly enforce attendance and specially assigned the human resources department to closely monitor employees’ clocking in and out and lateness and early departure, it means that the company has begun to be fussy about employees, and there must be a problem.

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2- Reduce benefits and delay salary payments

The company suddenly delayed the payment of wages, and it continued for a period of time. Obviously, the company may have problems with cash flow, so it has to delay the payment of wages. In addition, you also found that the company began to cut New Zealand Phone Number List employee benefits, reducing overtime pay, gasoline al. Ilowances, dental and optical allowances, etc. Submitted reimbursements are also dela. Iyed and delayed. All these are signs!

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